Protein or moisture?

To find out how to rebuild your hair, then it is important to know whether or not your hair lacks protein or moisture. In order to avoid buying a lot of products with, for example, protein in, to later find out, you really lack moisture, you can make a test of your hair. This is to be able to judge whether one is missing or not.

The test used to assess whether moisture, protein or balance is lacking is called stretch test.

You start by taking a strand of hair that has not been taken out of the scalp but naturally dropped out either from a hairbrush and otherwise you can cut a little strands of hair. Then, take the hair between two fingers and stretch it and assess it from the following:

The hair can be stretched much without breaking- Too much moisture. The hair is lacking protein.

The hair snaps quickly– Too much protein. The hair lacks moisture.

the hair does not break quickly or can be stretched very Your hair is in balance. Therefore, use products that are moisturizing but also with protein.

characteristics of lack of moisture: The hair feels heavy, feels hard, dry, curls not.

characteristics of non-protein: The hair can be stretched much without breaking, feels dry and frizzy, like a haystack.

For Some, however, it may be difficult to assess, even if you are doing stretch test, whether you need protein, moisture or are in balance. Personally, I used protein-filled products for a long time, as I wasn’t aware of what my products contained (only that they were CG approved) and what my hair needed. I had difficulty washing the products out of my hair, the curls were defined at the top, but lay heavily against the scalp and there was no volume at all, as you can see on the left side of the picture.

Then I took a look at my products and discovered that the bulk contained the protein. At the next wash, I avoided the products and used only moisturizing products. The curls were less defined, but softer, more uniform and bulky. The result on the right of the picture is a wash without products with protein in. You can therefore also try out and see how your hair responds to it.

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