About Curly Girl Approved

My name is Iman and I created CurlyGirlApproved.dk, with the mission to disseminate quality products within the curly Girl method and make them readily available in Denmark.

When I started the curly Girl method, after years of having straightened my hair, and finally ready to embrace my curls and get healthier hair, it was a jungle. It was impossible to find out what products to avoid, how to read long lists of ingredients, which chemicals meant what. I was missing a glance and it took its time before I got it.

When I finally agreed which products I could use and which were popular in the method, the next problem arose. Many of them were not to get on, they had to be bought abroad, some against duty, and if they were finally sold, it was a small assortment or in a small shop, tucked away in the corner of the street, which was not particularly inviting or gave a fair representation of the products .

I have African curly hair though, with Moroccan roots and it has been hard to find representation for our hair type and some that go up in the topical curl products and what is new and desired. The website is for anyone who wants a healthier choice for her hair, but also especially for all of us curly heads, where our needs are ignored even if there is huge demand.

Another goal with the Webshop and the website is to create a small community, with blog posts, videos, pictures, where everyone can search for tips and hints, while also having an experience of complete acceptance of one’s natural hair. There is no pressure here to achieve the ideal what the outside world determines is beautiful, whether it is plump, large curls, or thick, straight hair, but rather a desire to embrace the natural, whatever form it is in, and take choices that rebuilds and strengthens the Right from the inside.

That’s why I created Curly girl Approved, to offer everyone a good buying experience, pay tribute to all hair types and make it easier, for those of us who follow the curly girl method.